Since 1977 COOTE ENGINEERING have been designing and manufacturing machinery and moulds for the Precast Concrete Industry. This has enabled us to develop the most modern and comprehensive range of Precast Concrete Equipment available anywhere in the world.

Our particular strength is problem solving. Many cost-effective solutions to problems connected with the filling , storage and de-moulding of precast concrete products, have been developed, resulting in a system guaranteed to produce top quality products efficiently and speedily.

Coote Engineering's experienced team of design and production engineers, can provide you with excellent advice in any area of the production and de-moulding processes.

Once the COOTE system is installed our Engineer will thoroughly brief your staff on all aspects of the simple to operate system, and give you helpful hints and tips on how to get the best from your machine.

Our Promise To You
When you choose COOTE you can be sure you have invested in a modern versatile system that will repay you many times over.

It is faster in production and requires less floor space than any other system. It is safe, foolproof and virtually maintenance free.

COOTE is the only system flexible enough to allow you to extend your product range easily and economically while maintaining high quality standards.

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